Somafield opened January 11, 2021.

Soma is Latin for body, Somafield refers to the field of the body; the body and its energies.
Somafield is the only Massage Therapy clinic in downtown Windsor, located close to the aquatic centre, the Art Gallery of Windsor and the Windsor transit office. Somafield serves clients both local and distant, offering consultations and problem solving for a wide range of health issues. Its sole practitioner, Marie Graff, is an experienced Massage Therapist with decades of clinical experience and study in soft tissue acute and chronic problems.

Somafield offers a compliment of therapies as well as Massage Therapy. Herbal medicine, Bach Flower Therapy and skin care all hold an important place in bringing client’s back to health and helping them reach their full potential.

Marie Graff was fortunate to study Massage Therapy under Edith Szasz and Shiatsu with Mitsuki Kikkawa. She also studied homeopathy under Robin Murphy. Her life and studies, have been generously guided and influenced by the wisdom and teachings of countless inspired individuals.

She brings her extensive experience as healer to her practice. As the owner and director of a multidisciplinary clinic in downtown Toronto for more than 12 years, she utilized the clinical opportunity to advance clinical studies in soft tissue recovery and anti-aging.

With studies in energy healing, Aikido, Qi gong, Iyengar yoga, as well as Zen and other forms of meditation, Ms. Graff is literate in the esoteric disciplines of energy cultivation and direction.

Somafield is the celebration of over 30 years of study and clinical practice.