Natural Skin Care


The face is arguably the most dynamic part of the body. All the perceptive organs of the body reside in the face.
sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch all reside in the face. Our perceptive organs are how we gain information about the world we live in. That information is gathered and organized in the brain, an immediate neighbour to the perceptive organs of the face. In this way the face is an information gathering structure. But it is also a transmitting structure. The face conveys our feelings to the world. Between the function of collecting and transmitting information, there is often conflict; conflict between how we feel about the sense of the world we are putting together and what choose to show to the world.
Through the muscles of the face we can exercise a degree of control over what we show others. However, blocking the natural impulses of self expression by distorting the actions of the facial muscles creates insidious tension in the muscles. Over time this “driving with the breaks on” tenses facial muscles, contracts the fascia and reduces lymphatic drainage. Working backwards from the lymphatics, one can free the muscles of lactic acid trapped in the muscles. Lactic acid in the facial muscles acts as elsewhere in the body. It irritates the nerves in the muscles, which respond by contracting and perpetuating the tensions. All of my clinical research confirms this hypothesis.

The Omega Lift Facial is a natural face lift, as it eliminates the build up of tensions and metabolic waste from the tissues. The skin is brighter and softer, lines and sloping are diminished and the underlying musculature is received of tensions.

This facial is an hour of constant light brushing motions which excite the movement of lymphatic fluids, clearing the underlying tissues of waste. Metabolic waste, wherever it occurs in the body, congests the flow of blood and nutrients and aggravates the proper function of the tissues. This technique excites the lymphatic activity of the skin forcing out stagnation with the added benefit of enzymatic activity to dissolve congestion, dead skin and debri both on the surface and in the lymphatic vessels.

Although a single session will produce noticeable results, in most cases, repeated sessions produce profound effects in diminishing signs of aging.